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  1. How it works

Qusic emails you when your favourite new music is released on Spotify.

To track your favourite artists enter their names & click 'Track this!'.

To avoid typing in loads of artist names you can track all the artists from your Spotify, iTunes & mp3 libraries in one go. You need a Songkick account first. Once you've imported your artists there return to Qusic to import them here.

We've also got a super easy tool called the bookmarklet. Imagine you're reading an article or watching a video online & you see something cool. Click the bookmarklet on your toolbar to track it. It'll even automatically recognise the name & artist on Youtube (find out more).

At the moment Qusic only lets you track music for release on Spotify. However we'll be adding many more options soon. Contact us to make sure we add your favourite music source.